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The key to success is having options. Using Tradebank is that key to a vast abundance of these options and new opportunities. When you make a sale with Tradebank, your batter revenue is on the rise. While providing you with increased flexibility and agility  in your business and personal life, Tradebank provides you with options you wouldn’t have if you relied solely on cash.

But have you considered the prosperity that barter puts within an arm’s reach?

Imagine how you can use the additional barter revenue from Tradebank to directly save, or even make cash.

Consider these ideas and opportunities:

  • Pay your employees commissions/bonuses/salary increases using trade dollars. When cash is tight sometimes it takes quite a lot to meet payroll while at the same time rewarding the employees that are working extra hard. Through an affiliate account, you are rewarding them, effectively bridging the two.
  • Reduce medical expenses by replacing the cash cost of medical services such as dental, optical, and general practice when you pay with trade dollars rather than cash. (Hot tip: This is another way to reward key employees.)
  • Purchase property and other assets with trade dollars to leverage your trade dollars and increase your net worth. Keep an eye on the classifieds for newly posted real estate opportunities.
  • Pay rent for commercial, warehouse or residential property through Tradebank. On the flip side, rent your vacant property through Tradebank and turn vacancies into revenue.
  • Think of all the various equipment, art, jewelry and other purchases you could make with trade dollars, and how it will increase your assets and net worth.
  • Use “piggy back” marketing with other Tradebank clients.
  • Create “found money” by trading one-of-a-kind items such as collectibles, vehicles, real estate, jewelry and other items. You know what they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
  • Create customer appreciation and good will with loyalty programs that target referrals to new customers. Purchase the incentives through Tradebank.
  • Use Tradebank clients as sub-contractors and pay them with trade dollars rather than paying cash to their competitors. (Example: printers using graphic designers. Restaurants using bakeries. Dry cleaners using seamstresses. Painters using power wash companies.) You collect the additional cash, and still provide the service.
  • Who do you know who is not able to be a Tradebank client, yet still can benefit from your participation in Tradebank? (For example: using trade dollars for your niece’s wedding when her financial resources are limited. Helping a flood or fire victim rebuild using trade dollar for things above and beyond insurance, or no insurance. Improving the property of your landlord in exchange for a reduction in rent.)
  • Expand the products and services you offer by partnering with another Tradebank client and using trade dollars as payment. (For example: Sell candles and private label skin care that you purchase from another client in your day spa.)
  • Use trade dollars to create a social media platform and sell banner ads.
  • Keep your eyes on the Classified Ads and see what you can buy with trade dollars and resell for cash.
  • Trade Up! With the popularity of the new barter reality TV shows parlay products and services you purchase with trade dollars for those which you ultimately want.
  • Turn otherwise undesirable assets into revenue producing entities.
  • Pay for vacations, reunions, weddings, etc. with trade dollars and have the other participants reimburse you with cash. (For example – rent the vacation home in the mountains that accommodates more than one family and share the rental with your friends/family.)
  • Network with other Tradebank client locally in other regions. Attend Tradebank Expos and other special events.
  • Host welcome parties and networking sessions at your business to introduce new customers and make new connections.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with trade dollars, and the connections you now have through Tradebank. Learn as much as you can about what is available through our trading network both in your region and other areas as well. Look for opportunities to buy and sell using trade dollars beyond your usual business path. Read the Tradeflashes and don’t dismiss products or services that are of no immediate interest to you think about who they would interest and what you could obtain in return.

Basic trading enables you to increase your sales and purchases through Tradebank. Savvy traders learn how to take things to the next level beyond day-to-day trading.


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